Blacksmith service in Tenerife

The role of the blacksmith is not very well known in fact many people wonder what it really does.

We offer you many services in Tenerife, including:

  • Shutters repair;
  • Door and lock repair;
  • Repair of shutters and overhead doors;
  • Design and construction of iron constructions (wrought iron frames);
  • Repair and replacement of locks for any door (armored);
  • Overhead door repair and replacement (garage);
  • Repair and replacement of PVC aluminum steel shutters;
  • Replacement ropes Shutters and shutters and shutters motorizations.

How to request an intervention in Tenerife or a quote?

Just fill out the form that you can easily find on the site or contact us via whatsapp and you will immediately have a free quote with really competitive prices compared to the market or just call the number on the site.

When to call the locksmith in Tenerife? Situations that require Quick Action

You can call Fabbro Tenerife to solve any kind of problem that might arise!

Tenerife Locks Opening

Were you locked out of the house or with the door locked? We will solve the problem for you! Contact us now! We will provide you with assistance in opening locks in Tenerife.

Both day and night nothing changes for us because our technicians will come to you promptly and, after analyzing the situation, will make you a free estimate with the price of the intervention and will then act to solve the problem.

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What services do we guarantee you?

  • Safes opening and repair;
  • Opening and repair of doors and armored doors;
  • Opening doors for eviction with a bailiff;
  • Armored doors opening;
  • Doors opening;
  • Opening Locks;
  • Change combination of locks;
  • Installation and assembly of security locks.

Locksmith Locks Tenerife

Have you decided to change the lock on your door? Rely on a professional locksmith in Tenerife, contact us for a quote or an appointment.

  • Safes opening and repair;
  • Opening and repair of doors and armored doors;
  • Opening doors for eviction with a bailiff;
  • Opening locks;
  • Change combination of locks;
  • Installation and assembly of security locks;

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Blacksmith for shutters

Can’t solve a problem with the shutter in your home? Call us now and we will be with you immediately! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tenerife Point ore technicians are specialized in order to guarantee a safe, fast service and at competitive prices. Is your damper having trouble opening or closing? Contact us for immediate help from a Tenerife locksmith. Request a free quote for rolling shutters in Tenerife and its province.

Locksmith for garage doors and garage doors

The overhead door is blocked and you don’t know who to call? Call us immediately to our contacts and we will arrive immediately to solve your problem !.

Trust our Locksmith technicians to have a safe, fast and affordable service! If the overhead door has problems opening or closing, contact us for immediate help from a Tenerife locksmith.

Our services include:

  • Tenerife overhead doors replacement
  • Overhead door repair Tenerife
  • Tenerife up-and-over release

Blacksmith for roller shutters

We at Tenerife Point also guarantee a repair service for any type of roller shutter. If a shutter breaks or damages it becomes a problem. It is therefore important to keep the shutters without damage.

Our services:

  • 24/7 assembly, repair and release of rolling shutters and shutters;
  • Assembly, repair and release of aluminum, steel, wood and PVC shutters;
  • Shutter belt replacement;
  • Replacement of the rolling shutter roller;
  • Motenerife replacement electric shutters.

Fabbro Tenerife was born from a union of people specialized in solving situations where the urgent intervention of an expert is needed.

Contact us for a quick and urgent intervention by a locksmith in Tenerife, we guarantee fast and professional interventions thanks to the competence of truly specialized staff.

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