Electrician in Tenerife

Many members of the Tenerife Point team are qualified electricians with years of experience.

Our qualified electricians have experience with both commercial and private projects, providing safe and reliable electricity throughout the home.

We are also experienced in diagnosing and troubleshooting, identifying problems in your home’s electrical network and implementing solutions that see your home return to its normal state.

Our electricians are fully compliant with all relevant Spanish and EU health and safety regulations, ensuring that your home’s electrical network is safe and fully functional.

It is always recommended to use a professional electrician to tackle any problems around the house, as live wires in Tenerife can carry up to 230 volts of power they can be very dangerous for lay people and DIY enthusiasts attempting to repair their own plant.

Our electricians are fully compliant with all relevant Spanish and EU health and safety regulations, ensuring that your home’s electrical network is safe and fully functional.

It is always recommended to use a  professional electrician  to tackle any problems around the house, as live wires in Tenerife can carry up to 230 volts of power they can be very dangerous for lay people and DIY enthusiasts attempting to repair their own plant.

Tenerife electricians. Electrical fault repair. 12 hour service

Looking for an urgent electrician? Call us! Fast and cheap jobs, guaranteed. Feel free to call.

Electricians Tenerife 12 hours a day we are available for any repair or electrical installation in homes and businesses. Immediate assistance 12 hours a day and with the maximum guarantees. From a simple change of plug or lamp to a centralization of meters, switches and light switches, change of lighting, differential, change of fuse.

We have the ideal answer waiting for you with maintenance, advice and the guarantee of a staff trained 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Electricians 12 hours on Tenerife

Offering advice and positively inspiring our customers is our goal of Tenerife Point Electricians.

Once the budget is accepted, our office will contact you to schedule the closest and most convenient time to start working. Usually, we can satisfy most circumstances.

We offer a wide range of electrical services including:

  • Maintenance of the community and businesses
  • Urgent electrician service
  • Low consumption lighting installation and replacement.
  • Installation and repair of automatic and differential
  • Change of internal and external connections.
  • Antennas, soundtracks and video intercoms.
  • Public lighting maintenance and installation.
  • Tenerife home electrician

When your business loses energy, you can lose sales and productivity. Keep your business running with a full backup power generator from Tenerife Point experts. Our business is to keep your business online.

Protect the safety and comfort of your employees during extreme weather events such as ice storms, hail, tornadoes or extreme heat.

Tenerife electricians at the right price

Tenerife Point also offers commercial electrical services for shops and supermarkets and we have performed electrical installations for some well-known chains. Therefore, if you need a commercial electrician for your business, we have the experience and knowledge to meet your exact needs.

Tenerife Point understands the urgency of these situations and has 12-hour emergency electricians to deal with the emergency electrical problem. With our highly skilled and experienced electricians, who are fully equipped with the latest test equipment, we will solve your electrical problem quickly and efficiently.

In our company there is a department of authorized technical installers who will take care of the revision of the installation, will draw up a report appropriate to the conditions of the installation and after its update will present all the necessary reports and documents.

For both installations and electrical repairs, they must be highly qualified experts in this sector and Tenerife Point makes them available to you effectively and immediately.

sistema allarme tenerife

Electricians in Tenerife of electrical assemblies

Complete electrical installation and rehabilitation of your home or office in Tenerife. Our licensed Tenerife electricians will go quickly to any point in the province of TENERIFE.

Want to add computer accessibility to your children’s rooms or guest rooms?

Want to add cable or satellite television to other rooms? Are you tired of disconnecting and reconnecting devices in your garage to use power tools or garden equipment? Do you need more outings to feel functional?

If an electrical fault has occurred, our licensed electricians in Tenerife can meet all electrical repair requirements. When our electricians arrive, we will diagnose the problem immediately by visual inspection and electrical tests.

After the investigation, our Tenerife electricians will repair or replace the defective components and ensure that the operating conditions are adequate.

We strive to offer our customers fast service and exceptional workmanship, including quality materials.

Contact us today to request a quote – our office staff will be happy to help.

Electricians in Tenerife for commercial activities

We perform all types of electrical work in Tenerife in homes, commercial premises, shops, industrial buildings and more. We are a reference in electricity with years of experience in TENERIFE.

We also offer the most complete maintenance service for electrical systems to always guarantee perfect conditions and correct functioning. Call us and we will quickly solve your electrical problems at very affordable prices, always offering you an electrical budget without obligation on your part and for free.

Electrician 12h Tenerife: Good materials, at the best price: we like to use good materials that guarantee us the exemplary result of our work, we go through all the suppliers on the market to offer the best materials at the best price.

Do you want to install a security system to protect yourself from intruders? Want to add activity lighting, recessed lighting, track lighting, accent lighting, ambient lighting, sconces, or other special lighting fixtures into your home?

We will try to answer an emergency call within hours of receiving the call.

Whether you need a complete rewiring or modifications in your electrical system, including additions, we can offer you complete solutions by taking full advantage of the new methods and technologies that meet your needs.

Do you need more sockets to connect your appliances? Do you want to put a freezer in the basement or garage?

Are you adding security or landscape lighting, a swimming pool, a sauna, a steam room, a hot tub, a new sprinkler system? Do you want a place to plug in your Christmas lights?

The Tenerife Electrician is ready to serve you with breaker replacement services to make your home safer and more energy efficient. Our professionals hope to improve the safety and functionality of your home. Gain the ability to meet all of your electrical needs by contacting us to make an appointment today!

Electrical systems

Urgent electricians Tenerife? If the cables seem faulty, bare and within reach of yours, contact our electricians and we will put the best remedy for that wiring problem. We are a company that thinks that all the attachments you use to do your job should be in perfect condition and have affordable maintenance.

Here at Tenerife Point we understand that, unfortunately, electrical problems are not something that only occurs during the working day. In fact, when you have an electrical problem at night, it can be more problematic than during the day.

A hum from the consumable unit can also be a cause for concern, as it could indicate a larger problem that could be dangerous. In some cases, the total loss of energy can also be dangerous, for example, if it affects the heating or if there is a vulnerable person in the house.

Whatever your emergency, contact us and we will be with you to make your home a safe place. Our goal is always to resolve a problem when you call us. However, there may be circumstances where this is not possible, due to the need for new parts that are not available in an emergency situation, for example, which need to be purchased when wholesalers are open.

In this case, we will first of all make sure that your home is safe and advise you on how to keep you and your family comfortable until we are able to return and fix the problem. In most cases, we can resolve the issue again within 24/48 hours.

Due to rapid advances in modern technology, many companies operate with insufficient electrical cables for the quantity and energy needs of their equipment. To make matters worse, when buildings are upgraded or renovated, instead of adding a new electrical panel, existing electrical connections are often kept intact. The Tenerife Urgent Electricians are available 12 hours.

ristrutturazione cucina a tenerife

Tenerife electricians at home

Its electrical panel can be identified as a painted or gray metal box. Usually, you are in an area of ​​your company that is easily accessible and out of the way to prevent blocking, a security breach of OSHA and NFPA codes. However, please note that if you are having trouble locating your electrical panel inside your business, it may be outside.

Contact Tenerife Point, old electrical panels can cause these problems for your company:

  • Flashing lights
  • Switch that trip constantly or the fuses blow frequently
  • Cast electrical wires
  • Defective switches that do not trip, causing shocks, overheating and fires.
  • Hazards to customers, employees and property from fire and electric shock

Tenerife Point electricians remind you that if you are in the middle of an electrical chaos, you need immediate help, you don’t know what to do and are afraid to call the professionals late at night, it is best to tell us immediately what your emergency is, because the yours You are the first thing, we want to meet your urgencies by urgently attending your home in order to resolve the electrical discrepancies that may exist in your home.

Electric engines

Is your business functioning properly? Call Tenerife Point to update your circuits today.

Take action now to upgrade your building with the appropriate circuits and be well on your way to getting safe, carefree and continuous electricity. We at Tenerife Point solve all electricity problems.

To avoid overloading circuits and preventing the risk of electrical fires, outlets must be upgraded to have adequate electrical capacity at every location in your business. Allow Tenerife Point professionals to update and install the appropriate circuits in your business today.

Our services go beyond electrical installations and repairs, we also offer:

  • Locksmith service (openings and modification blocks)
  • Refrigerator technical service
  • Renew thermoelectric
  • Plumbing works
  • Boiler installation and repair.
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Condensing gas heaters
  • Installation of natural gas, propane and butane

Tenerife Point Electricians are accredited electricity professionals and we belong to the guild of electrical installers which is why we are trained to perform both low and high voltage installations.

Urgent electrical repairs in Tenerife?

We are an installation company specializing in breakdowns, light warnings and electricity maintenance in general.

An electrician can connect a portable generator to a secondary panel, or it is possible to connect appliances and tools to the generator with extension cords. Portable generators offer limited power, enough power for up to four outlets when connected to a system.

Automatic backup generators start up as soon as your company’s power supply is interrupted, even in a voltage drop situation when the energy fluctuates. The intention is to maintain power as much as possible to prevent damage to systems, appliances, computers, and machinery.

Electricians center of Tenerife

Tenerife Point center will safely install the appropriate wiring for your generator, including a transfer switch and a direct connection to the installation’s electrical service panel. The transfer switch properly disconnects the network installation in the event of a power failure.

When building an EICR, it will be necessary to disconnect the power from the property’s electrical grid. The size of the property will surely reflect the amount of time the power grid is disconnected, including the time it takes to complete the report.

To ensure the safety of Tenerife and other domestic electricians, the power supply must be disconnected. This also allows us to complete essential electrical circuit tests. We are aware that this can be a major inconvenience, but it is essential.

elettricista a tenerife

Tenerife electricians maintenance

Before carrying out any electrical tests, the licensed electrician in Tenerife will carry out a visual inspection of the property.

The inspection will identify any significant problems, such as overload or overheating problems. It will also identify areas of the facility that are in poor condition.

Remember that in our company we have:

  • Self-employed electrician Tenerife
  • Electrician throughout the province of Tenerife
  • Cheap electrician center of Tenerife
  • Tenerife electricians at home
  • Electrician installer in Tenerife
  • Electrical technicians in Tenerife

Electrical tests are performed with the network disconnected. Tests include continuity tests, grounding tests, polarity tests, and insulation resistance tests.

Tenerife electricians

What is an electrical circuit overload and how can I prevent it?

Electrical circuit overloads occur when more amperage is passed through an electrical wire than the circuit can handle. Circuit overloads can be caused by loose, corroded, or defective wiring and connections. However, most circuit overloads occur when more power is consumed than the socket’s maximum capacity. For example, if you plug a laser printer into the same socket as the computer tower and don’t have enough amperage to support the devices, a breaker will trip or a breaker fuse will go out to shut down all devices using that circuit, and stop productivity completely.

Our initial appointment will be to determine exactly what your needs are and how we can meet them during rewiring. All entrepreneurs and clients will have different designs and ideas. Contact electricians in Tenerife

Typically, a full harness takes two to three days for the first fixation and one to two days for the second. Of course, this depends entirely on the size of the installation. Upon arrival, our electricians will do the work and make sure they are happy with the proposed plug locations and understand the installation program. Your property will also be protected to the maximum extent possible.

  • Do you want to be able to turn off the fan and leave the light on with the flip of a switch?
  • Do you have a TV, DVD player, speakers, surround sound, CD player and VCR?
  • Would you like to have the ability to connect all of these things at once?
  • Do you want home theater wiring?
  • Are you using too many multiple sockets, extension cables or adding more sockets?
  • Would you like to have more outlets to support your electronics?

Our electricians will identify your specifications and supervise you from the design phase to the work done and signed, ensuring that we stick to your budget and main goals.

Reasons for electrical rewiring

Recently moved to a new home and wants to upgrade his electrical system to modernize his installation and ensure safe operation.

  • There aren’t enough outlets in every room, which makes for a lot of extension cords.
  • The spines are too low and need to be higher for your needs.
  • Plug in the wrong locations in your home.
  • Cables do not sink into the walls and want to order their installation.
  • Concerned about unsafe wiring from previous installation.
  • Aged electricity that needs updating.
  • Individual sockets in each room are not enough for your needs.
  • You want to upgrade your home to a smart home.
  • Lighting should be moved to the center of the rooms.

We recommend that if the electrical installation of your home, business premises, office, workshop has become obsolete over the years, we, as electricians of Tenerife, will change it as soon as possible. If the automatic ones jump every little, it is that there is a problem of overload of consumption on the same and certainly on the electrical system in general.


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