Home renovations in Tenerife

Do you need to renovate your home in Tenerife?

Whether you do it following a new purchase or the need to give your home a new look , the renovation is the result of the desire to live a new beginning, to start over or to improve the quality of our home.

Unfortunately, this company can also be a source of stress and strong disappointments for the following reasons:

  • Uncertainty about the quality of the work
  • Uncertainty about the quality of the material
  • The final price
  • The bureaucracy of Tenerife
  • The reliability of the team that carries out the work
team tenerife
Team a Tenerife

Why is tenerifepoint.com different?

Let’s try to explain all that Tenerife point offers with a bulleted list:

  • You will have a single point of contact.
  • We are Italians who have lived in Tenerife for years.
  • We offer a 360-degree service in Tenerife that covers all phases of the renovation , from the design, to the execution of the works, from the various building practices, to the step-by-step customer support.
  • We collaborate with trusted suppliers and workers who are able to give us guarantees on quality and delivery times.
  • We take care of everything , including fixtures, plumbing and electrical systems.
  • We are transparent about costs and always available to our customers.

So why not ask us today for a free quote through whatsapp ?

Let your new beginning be part of  a story with a happy ending !

Whether it’s renovating your home or a set of patio doors, some new flooring, or breaking down a wall or two of the house – a home with Tenerife Point renovations can breathe new life into a home that needs it.

Ristrutturazione bagno a Tenerife
Bathroom renovation in Tenerife

We offer a range of home renovation services, taking your property to new heights.

Our team has nearly 20 years of experience building and renovating homes , bringing the latest trends in classic and contemporary design to your home.

Tenerife Points specialize in renovations and extensions , which means that we can completely change the look and feel of your home, apartment or villa throughout the Tenerife area.

Our extensions add space and functionality to your home, allowing you to convert your garden space into a new living room  , dining room, kitchen as you see fit.

Our masonry experience makes us the Tenerife construction and renovation company when it comes to extensions.

We often build entire houses from scratch, so extensions and renovations are easy for Tenerife Points.

Our specialty is to improve the value and prestige of your home with the installation of high quality gardens, swimming pools and covers, the core of our business.

Swimming pool installations are understandably common due to Tenerife’s warm climate and clients looking to renovate their homes with a modern swimming pool.

Rifacimento tetto a Tenerife
Roof renovation in Tenerife

Do you need to renovate in Tenerife?

We comply with all local health and safety regulations, ensuring high standard renovations, extensions and works.

In addition to the extensions and extensions of houses, apartments and villas, we offer tailor-made flooring and roofing services for those who wish to change the furniture and facade of their home.

Our flooring and roofing installation services ensure that your home has a strong and durable foundation that is both stylish and stable.

The Tenerife Point team has experience with a variety of styles, materials and finishes which means we are suitable for the vast majority of home remodeling projects.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and project management skills.

Manutenzione e Rifacimento giardino a Tenerife
Garden maintenance and refurbishment in Tenerife

Do you have special or unusual requests for your home renovation project?

We will take steps to fully meet these requests, assuming they are feasible and within your budget.

The bespoke construction and renovation services we provide will be able to realize your vision for your dream home.

Tenerife Point is based in the south of Tenerife, although we offer our services for most of the island depending on the project at hand.

Our staff obviously speaks Italian , but also Spanish and English , making it easier for customers to communicate their renovation needs accurately.

Realizzazione impianti di allarme a Tenerife

Realization of alarm systems in Tenerife

Tenerife Point is your point of reference to build from scratch or renovate your home.

Whether it’s indoor elements or outdoor elements of the house or your own garden space wonder, we have the skills and professionals to make it happen.

The skills of our team allow you to renovate and redesign your home from scratch , building extensions or adapting new appliances if necessary.

We are specialized in:

  • Realization of electrical systems in Tenerife
  • Plumbing systems
  • External and internal masonry of the house
  • New covers
  • New floors in Tenerife
  • Furniture installation 
  • Bathroom renovation in Tenerife
  • Or any other job

Our team consults and advises you on the most affordable and feasible renovations for your home , allowing you to take advantage of the landscape and natural features of your home in order to create new designs and possibilities, for example a beautiful stained glass window showing the Teide of Tenerife or our beautiful ocean.

Ristrutturazione cucine a Tenerife
Kitchen renovation in Tenerife

Our home renovation services are among the best in Tenerife and we ensure complete customer satisfaction before starting.

Our team knows how to enhance and make the most of your home’s natural features , advising you on redesigns that will complement your home in terms of practicality, comfort and convenience.

We have years of experience in home remodeling, drawing on our collective skills and knowledge (we are a team of experts, each in their field) in order to satisfy your remodeling wishes.

Ristrutturazione e Riparazioni Idrauliche a Tenerife
Renovation and Hydraulic Repairs in Tenerife

Construction and renovations

Master builders specialize in construction and renovation, giving new life to your home or commercial property.

Our bespoke extensions offer your home more space and convenience, using the former garden space for a new living room, dining room or kitchen.

The experience gained in the construction of our team makes us the construction company “ready to go” in Tenerife for a series of construction and expansion projects!

Impianti Elettrici e Assistenza impianti elettrici a Tenerife
Electrical systems and electrical assistance in Tenerife

We can build your home from scratch, as well as build a stylish and useful home extension or renovation.

The Tenerife Point team has experience with a variety of styles, materials and finishes, which means we are suitable for the vast majority of construction and renovation projects.

We offer our clients a range of designs, layouts and styles to suit their home and land, ensuring that we do everything we can to meet your needs in terms of construction, quality, size and style.

We understand that a construction or remodeling project can be stressful for homeowners which is why we aim to mitigate all your fears and guide you through the whole process.

Contact us today for a quote.

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