Roof repair in Tenerife

A faulty roof can cause rain leaks and general structural damage; you want to make sure you have a literal roof over your head!

Tenerife Point roof repair specialists have years of experience covering and repairing the roof, ensuring that the roof is sturdy and not prone to loss or damage.

We are one of the most trusted and reliable roofs in Tenerife, combining our collective knowledge and experience to offer superior roofing solutions to customers.

Our roofers are experienced in replacing missile tiles, restoring your roof to its former glory and integrity.

riparazione tetto tenerife

We also have experience in replacing loose slates and fixing leaking gutters, as well as removing asbestos.

In addition, we can also install and repair fireplaces and flashings for your home as well.

Our roofing team is dedicated to customer service and painstaking work, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

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