Structural reinforcement or consolidation in Tenerife

What is structural reinforcement or consolidation?

The structural consolidation intervention consists in securing a building that has suffered evident damage to the supporting structure. It is not necessarily an operation foreseen only in emergency cases, such as following seismic damage or earthquakes. It can also be envisaged to make static improvements or make an adjustment, as in the case of historic buildings.

However, this is a complex operation consisting of several phases that we will now see specifically.

What it is necessary to understand is that, precisely because of the delicacy of the intervention, the use of specific techniques and products is a must. Draco Edilizia, operating in the sector for over thirty years, can guarantee chemical products for construction aimed at perfect structural consolidation works.

Sometimes you want to preserve an archaic or unique building, but its aged structure presents problems in terms of strength and durability.

This is when structural reinforcement can help!

The structural reinforcement services we offer are known for their exceptional quality and structural integrity.

We ensure that all of our structural reinforcement projects meet the appropriate health and safety standards, using the strongest and most durable materials to reliably strengthen your home’s construction.

When it comes to undertaking a Structural Reinforcement work, we must rely on a company that truly has experience in the sector and that has the appropriate technical personnel and adequate auxiliary means.

risanamento mura tenerife

At Tenerifepoint we have the staff, the means and the experience demonstrated to undertake this type of work.

The diagnosis of problems that appear in building structures cannot be entrusted to anyone, it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of the subject and previous experience in this field.

Our technicians will be in charge of visiting the property and making an initial diagnosis and an approximate assessment of the scope of the works.

  • Construction of the wall construction of the retaining wall
  • Reinforcement of the structure

This type of work is about investigating and solving the problem from its origin, not superficially. This is exactly what we’re going to do, fix the source of the problem so that it never appears again.

To do this, we will first describe and classify the problem in order to determine its origin.

The causes can be purely constructive or, on the contrary, they can be due to mechanical causes and / or breakages of some structural elements, with which its resistance and evolution should be evaluated to know the importance of the damage, if it is necessary to adopt a provisional measure shoring up, structural attacks … etc.) and if the safety of people is at risk.

Of course, it’s not a problem to be taken lightly, if in doubt it’s best to put yourself in the hands of professionals.

The visit we will carry out is completely free, so we will provide you with an assessment of the problem, possible solutions or solutions and economic impact, all without any commitment.

rinforzo strutturale tenerife

If you have a previous project, of course, we will appreciate the work respecting the project.

We performed:

  • rehabilitation of retaining wall structures
  • load-bearing walls
  • structural attacks
  • shoring
  • renovation of floors
  • renovation of concrete structures

The composites can be used to create external “reinforcement systems” of existing masonry or reinforced concrete structures.

The systems are, in fact, made up exclusively of:

  • inorganic matrix
  • reinforcement
  • any connectors
  • anchoring devices
  • corner elements
  • any additives and any adhesives

The reinforcement can be constituted by a net or by unidirectional elements organized on a net support and consisting of the following types of materials:

  • high strength steel
  • aramid
  • basalt
  • carbon
  • polyparaphenylenbenzobisoxazole
  • AR glass

Tenerife Point’s bespoke reinforcement services allow you to maintain the character and aesthetics of a unique or aged property without having to sacrifice security to do so.

We ensure that our structural reinforcement services are strong and reliable, ensuring a sturdy home where our customers can feel comfortable and safe.

Our passionate and dedicated team will answer any questions you have about the process, trying to put you at ease and keep you up to date.

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