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In Tenerife, we put at your disposal the best air conditioning offers, weekly we launch new air conditioning offers, as always of course from the best brands, so that you can enjoy this summer the best air conditioning offers without any effort.


Because we care about your well-being and comfort, we offer weekly promotions and air conditioning offers at irresistible prices.

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You can choose between a single split or a multisplit appliance, call us and we will advise you without obligation what you need, depending on the size of the rooms in your home, office, villa or apartment.


Air conditioning in Tenerife at the best price, if you are looking for air conditioning and you are in Tenerife, you are lucky, we have the best air conditioning offer for Tenerife, contact us and ask for your quote for the sale and installation of your air system conditioning in Tenerife. The best air conditioning systems in the Community of Tenerife, the best installers in Tenerife and the best air conditioning offer.


With our zero-interest financing you will no longer worry about not being able to buy your air conditioner, but to make it even easier, in TenerifePoint, we offer you the best air conditioners at an unbeatable price, you will wonder what the price of the air conditioner is? Well we can confirm that we have the best prices in guaranteed air conditioners, we have air conditioners from 495 ¤ and how do you feel, 495 ¤ so you can enjoy the best air conditioner at the best price.

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The best air conditioning offers you will find here in TenerifePoint, every week we renew our great air conditioning offers, you can find offers from the best air conditioning brands such as Vaillant, Mitshubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu and all with the guarantee that they will install your air conditioning the best installers of the Community of Tenerife. We recommend that you buy your air conditioner in TenerifePoint because we guarantee you the best price in the whole community, buy your air conditioner in TenerifePoint and have it installed in less than a week.

BUY AIR CONDITIONING AT A GREAT PRICE: Buying cheap air conditioning is now possible, with TenerifePoint, we care about our customers and that is why we offer a wide range of cheap air conditioning, to make it accessible to all budgets , but because the quality does not have to contrast with the price, so we always work with the best brands of air conditioning, on our site you will find a wide range of air conditioners, price and quality of the hand of TenerifePoint.


Buying air conditioning in Tenerife has never been easier, in TenerifePoint, we offer you the best air conditioning systems in Tenerife, the quality-price ratio of our systems is unbeatable, all our systems have very low energy consumption, so that the electricity bill is not a problem. To install your air conditioning system in Tenerife, contact us and we will prepare a quote tailored to your needs and your pocket, it is not necessary to buy the most expensive air conditioning, in TenerifePoint, we offer you unbeatable prices. Order your air conditioning system with outdoor unit now and we will send our installers to install your equipment this week. Buy your Tenerife air conditioning and get the best price and the best quality with the TenerifePoint guarantee.


Tenerife air conditioning installation included in TenerifePoint, buy the best air conditioning systems and get them with installation included, ask for your budget now and we take care of everything, we provide you with the air conditioning system and install it in your home. Take advantage of the best prices for air conditioning, assuming the installation of air conditioning included.


Cheap Air Conditioning Tenerife in TenerifePoint, the reason our air conditioners are so cheap, is the high turnover of air conditioning equipment we have, due to the high demand from our customers. Buy cheap air conditioning in TenerifePoint, the best air conditioning systems at the best price on the market.


The price of the air conditioning installation is sometimes a handicap for customers, so in TenerifePoint we have decided to help our customers with this problem and make the best air conditioning with installation offer, if you are looking for air conditioning + installation you have come to the right place. Ask for a no-obligation quote and take advantage of our included installation service.

We are air conditioning installers in Tenerife and other cities, in our “where we work” section you can see all the places where our installers arrive. TenerifePoint has become the best place to buy air conditioning, thanks to our unbeatable prices on air conditioning equipment and our great technical team that will have your air conditioning installed in the shortest possible time.

If you are looking for an air conditioning installer in Tenerife or any other location, give us a call. We offer air conditioners with installation included, just contact us and we will start this week and you can have your air conditioner installed in your home. The best air conditioning + installation offer in the whole of the Tenerife Community.


If you have come this far looking for someone to install air conditioning in Tenerife, you have come to the right place, in addition to selling air conditioning systems, we are installers, just contact us through our contact form, or use our call me service, located on our page at the bottom right, we will contact you the same day and you can have your air conditioning installed this same week.


If you are looking for air conditioning prices, contact us to know for sure, air conditioning prices vary depending on the brand of air conditioner you buy and also on the characteristics of your home. The cheapest air conditioners are usually installations with only one split, it will depend on the area to be air conditioned if you need to install two or more splits in your home.


In TenerifePoint, you can buy your air conditioning with installation, ask for your air conditioning quote with installation included. We work only with the best brands and provide impeccable air conditioning installation, sales and after-sales service, just have a look at our customer reviews. Buy your air conditioner with installation and don’t worry, we take care of everything.


We are air conditioning installers, buy your air conditioning in TenerifePoint and we will install it in your home. Our team of professional installers will come to your home and you will have your air conditioning installed in a very short period of time.


We are your air conditioning company, in TenerifePoint, we have been in the world of air conditioning for many years, our goal is to make our customers happy and offer them the highest quality and the best guarantee in their air conditioning and conditioning systems.

Welcome to TenerifePoint. We are specialists in air conditioning Tenerife and we put all our experience in air conditioning and heating at your service.

We make every home or commercial space more pleasant and comfortable.

We are based in Tenerife, but the distance is not a limit for us as we offer our services in the Community of Tenerife.

We are leaders in the installation of air conditioning in Tenerife with or without heat pump to make the stay in your home unbeatable.

As we like to be up to date, we are constantly working to offer you the best deals on air conditioning and so that the purchase of cheap air conditioning is always within reach.


To offer excellence in our work, it is essential to work with the best brands of split air conditioning and ducted air conditioning.

That’s why we always work with brands that guarantee that you will have quality air conditioning for a long time, whether the installation is in your home or workplace.

As with the rest of the electrical appliances we install in the home, choosing a quality air conditioning appliance will allow us to enjoy the benefits of having it for a longer period of time. For this reason we must make sure that we choose the right cooling system, as well as have professionals trained to install your air conditioning in Tenerife.

Among the brands we work with you can find:

  • Fujitsu air conditioner.
  • Saunier Duval air conditioner
  • Daikin air conditioner
  • Junkers air conditioner
  • LG air conditioner
  • Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner
  • Samsung air conditioner
  • Vaillant air conditioner

We are constantly renewing ourselves to offer you the latest generation of air conditioners with the best performance.

You have to keep in mind that depending on the place where you want to install the air conditioning or the area you want to cover, you will have to decide for one or another cooling system. Some will adapt better than others to the conditions of the place where you want it to be installed. This is why it must be taken into consideration that the air conditioning company offers the best alternative, has well-trained technicians and has the best air conditioning offers.


Cooling a small space is not the same as cooling a large one. Whether it is to cool a bedroom or an entire floor, this is why you should consult a specialist company such as TenerifePoint before purchasing. We will help you choose the air conditioning system that best suits your circumstances.

To do this we must keep in mind that there are three types of systems:

  • Split
  • Multisplit
  • Channeled

Split air conditioning

It is undoubtedly the most requested air conditioning system, especially in homes.

In general, Split air conditioning systems are aesthetically very neat and are also quite quiet.

This system consists of two units. One is placed inside the house and is where the cold air comes out, and the other is placed outside, formed by the compressor and the condenser. These two units are connected to each other by copper pipes through which the refrigerant gas circulates.

The split air conditioning price is the cheapest on the market.

Within the price of the air conditioning, whatever the type, you have to ask if the installation of the air conditioning is included or if, on the contrary, it is not included. But we will talk about this later.

Multi-split air conditioning

This air conditioning system is very interesting, because it allows us to have air conditioning and heating throughout the house, of whatever type it is.

In this case, we should have indoor and outdoor units like in Split systems. The difference is that there would be one outdoor unit and up to 8 indoor units in the house. This system is a great option for getting air conditioning throughout the house.

Ducted air conditioning

This is one of the most aesthetic solutions, because there is no appliance in sight, but at the same time it is the most expensive.

By means of a centralized system located on a false ceiling, the air is distributed through ducts (also hidden).

The air is distributed throughout the house through grilles that can be adjusted manually or electronically. It is a complex installation that usually takes place in houses under construction.


This topic, which seems so complicated, is simple and complex at the same time, as many factors are involved. To make an approximate calculation of the number of refrigerators our appliance would need, we must take into account:

  • The climatic zone of the house.
  • The orientation of the property
  • Its thermal insulation
  • The number of windows it has … among others.

An indicative calculation would be to have around 100 refrigerators per square meter. So we have a space of about 40m2 and we would need an appliance of about 4,000 refrigerators.

Of course, a professional is the one who will point out to you with total accuracy after analyzing the place.

Every day we enjoy spending quality time at home more and more.

A cozy and comfortable environment with pleasant temperature conditions makes us enjoy any room more and also changes our mood.

That’s why we at TenerifePoint are not only dedicated to installing air conditioners, but provide a much more pleasant and comfortable stay, whether you enjoy the benefits of air conditioning at home, in the office or in your workplace.

We have extensive experience in the field of air conditioning and heating of homes, offices and commercial premises. We are experts in air conditioning installation and are guaranteed by our work and great results. Furthermore, we offer you the best air conditioning prices on the market.

As an air conditioning and heating installation company, we have all the necessary certifications required of all installation companies, such as the F-Gas Handling Certificate.

This certification is necessary and mandatory for air conditioning installation companies and professionals carrying out the installation, as highly polluting elements are handled during the installation process.

The certificate for the handling of equipment with fluorinated gases is issued by the Ministry of Industry and is, as we have said, necessary and mandatory for the acquisition of fluorinated gases in the distribution and installation of air conditioning.

Undoubtedly, being well prepared and having a lot of experience are very important qualities for obtaining quality results in our work, but if, in addition, you have first-rate allies, the result of the work is excellent.


At TenerifePoint we are not satisfied with just any air conditioning system for our customers, so we only work with the best brands on the market.

Surely you know brands like:

  • Mitsubishi electric
  • Daikin
  • Fujitsu
  • Hisense air conditioner
  • Saunier Duval
  • Junkers … among others.

Working with the best brands guarantees the satisfaction of our customers and it is essential for us to offer quality in our equipment.

We offer you the best air conditioning prices in Tenerife to make installing air conditioning an easy and pleasant process.

We cover all your air conditioning needs, whatever they are. That is why we start the consulting process by knowing the needs of our clients.

Our policy is not to make decisions based only on the work we have done with other customers or in homes with similar characteristics, but we adapt each of our air conditioning installations to the needs and tastes of each customer.

How do we work at TenerifePoint?

To give the best service to our customers, we make sure we have all the necessary details before making a quote.

As we said before, all our quotes are personalized and adapted to the customer’s needs.

Before we can talk about prices we need to know the details of the project, and for this we do a home visit first if necessary. On site we carefully analyze which are the best options for air conditioning the house or the space to be air conditioned.

Of course, we always take into account all conditions for maximum energy efficiency in the medium and long term.

After the home visit, we prepare a general quote with all the additional and detailed information.

Whether it is a split air conditioning installation or a ducted air conditioning installation, all our prices include the installation.


Before deciding on air conditioning equipment, you need to consider several factors:

  • The size of the room where it will be installed. Cooling a 20m2 room is not the same as cooling a 300m2 room, which is why you need to be clear about power.

The place where it will be installed. The type of appliance will also depend on this.

  • The characteristics of the appliance. It is very important that it has a thermostat, adjustable grids, on / off programmer … among other things.

On some occasions you have probably heard words like:

  • Split 1×1.
  • Multisplit
  • Multisplit 2×1
  • Multisplit 3×1
  • Multisplit 4×1

If these words sound Chinese to you, let us explain what they are. The Multisplit air conditioning system is a very efficient solution for providing heat or cold to a home.

When we talk about 1×1 split air conditioning, we are referring to systems that have an outdoor unit and an indoor unit.

With a Multisplit system we can get up to 8 indoor units with a single outdoor unit, which means that an entire house can be covered.

For this hot / cold system you can count on.

  • Vaillant air conditioners
  • Fujitsu air conditioners
  • Daikin air conditioners
  • Mitsubishi electric air conditioners


Multi-split air has great advantages such as:

  • Easier installation.
  • Space saving.
  • Energy saving.
  • Personalized room air conditioning with individual remote control. So each person can choose their favorite temperature in each room.
  • Greater air purification
  • By having only one external device, instead of one external device for each indoor unit, we can reduce the noise.
  • The price is lower than that of a ducted air conditioning installation.


If you opt for the ducted air conditioning option, Mitsubishi electric, Fujitsu are some of our most recognized brands.

This type of air conditioning installation is indicated when:

  • There is already a pre-installation of ducts in the suspended ceiling.
  • They have high performance and high energy efficiency.
  • They have only one indoor unit so there is no need to install equipment in each room.
  • They are calm.
  • They do not break the aesthetics because they are not visible.

As an air conditioner installer we will guide you towards what is the best option for air conditioning your space.




Once we are clear about the type of installation we want for our home or workplace, we move on to the next step, which is the installation.

Installing an air conditioner is not something that can be done by anyone, but it must be done by professional experts:

✔️ Because air conditioners use greenhouse gases (which affect the ozone layer) and should only be installed by qualified people, who must also have a license certifying that they are professionals trained to do this job.

It must be a person with sufficient experience, because this will make the life of our air conditioner longer and maintenance easier.

There are companies that raise the price of air conditioning installation, which means that customers are sometimes surprised. Therefore, we advise you to request a quote first, so that there are no last-minute surprises.

If you are looking for the best offers on air conditioning and air conditioning + installation in TenerifePoint we offer you the best offers on air conditioning with no surprises.

We offer a complete service to save you time and money.

In Tenerife we ​​are experts in air conditioning. We put at your disposal the best team of professionals trained in Tenerife air conditioning, as well as the best air conditioning installation offers included, so that your experience with us is of absolute tranquility.

We are particularly concerned that our customers experience the installation process of your Tenerife air conditioning with absolute relaxation and without any headaches.


The entire TenerifePoint team will be happy to help you and prepare a quote tailored to your needs.

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